Andrew Er

Credentials: CCSP, CCSCC, GCDF




Andrew’s personal mission is to empower and equip others with career development skills through training and clinical supervision. Currently living his mission as a Facilitating Career Development Instructor and Career Practitioner Supervision Instructor, he is passionate about providing personalised career development training and clinical supervision. Andrew is an Award-Winning Career Coach and has more than 10 years of career development experience with a wide spectrum of individuals in a multicultural setting. He has worked with more than 2,000 individuals, supporting and partnering them in their journey towards achieving their career goals. He is a proactive enthusiast when it comes to empowering others to develop their career. Andrew’s passion in career development extends beyond the individuals that he works with. He has also successfully designed and delivered career development programmes. He holds a Master of Counselling and continues to pursue new learning platforms to further expand and develop his career development skills. Andrew is also a Consultant and Associate Faculty for career counselling and life coaching at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. He is passionate about providing personalised training through Facilitating Career Development and Career Practitioner Supervision.

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