Do I have to take the FCD training course in order to take the SCDA course?

SCDA training is offered independently of the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training. The SCDA program is designed for providers who work in many settings and help prepare K-12 students for meaningful work and managing their careers. The SCDA program includes designing, implementing, monitoring of school and community-based efforts to improve the chances of students entering the job market with skills, knowledge, and credentials to be competitive.

The FCD Training program is ideal for those individuals who want want more information on providing quality career development services. Learn more about the FCD Training. The FCD program enhances the skills and knowledge of individuals who work in any type of career development setting.


Do I have to work in the K-12 school setting in order to take the SCDA course?

Not necessarily. While the content is designed for those who work in the K-12 school setting, others outside that specific setting may benefit from the course. For example, some people are dedicated to working with the K-12 population but actually work in business/industry, faith-based organizations or similar settings. These people may work with school counselors or the career advisor in the school, so the course would be good to take.


Does an individual have to complete the FCD training and the SCDA training in order to apply for the CSCDA credential? 

No, it is not required to complete both training programs. Individuals successfully completing an SCDA Training and Certification course are eligible to apply for the CSCDA credential. Those holding a master's degree in School Counseling with three year's experience in career development may apply immediately without attending the training.