eLearning Student Survey

Although the NCDA Facilitating Career Development Curriculum is taught in an e-Learning format, it does require 1) a face-to-face component and 2) interaction with the instructor by phone or email - this training is very similar to other online learning and requires the same qualities, skills and equipment.
Online learning requires you to manage your time independently. Success in this training requires that you be self-directed, self-motivated, and self-confident. It requires that you have the appropriate equipment and computer abilities.

The assessment tool below will help provide you with the insight you need to determine whether taking the NCDA Facilitating Career Development Online/Hybrid Training Program is for you or if you would be better suited to the NCDA Training in a traditional classroom setting. It is important that you be honest with yourself. There are no right or wrong answers -- only different learners with different learning needs.


I own (or have regular access to):

  • A DVD drive on my computer
  • Internet browser
  • 28,800 bps or faster modem, or direct connection to the Internet
  • My own Email account
  • Audio capability
  • Printer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)
  • Windows Media or Real Player
  • Word processing program (MS Word preferred)
  • Sufficient memory (256MB Ram of more)
  • MS Windows version 98 or higher

If you have not checked all of the items above, you will need to have regular access to them or postpone your application for the Facilitating Career Development Online/Hybrid Training Program or consider a Facilitating Career Development Training Program in a traditional classroom setting. Please visit the Instructor Search Page of our website to locate a classroom instructor near you.


Check only those items below in which you are competent.
I can:

  • Logically navigate the Internet
  • Understand terms such as mouse, drag, open, select, file, choose, double click, download, upload, send etc.
  • Send, open, reply to, forward and attach an e-mail message
  • Word process documents
  • Demonstrate confidence in my technology troubleshooting abilities or I have access to technology support

If you have not checked all of the items indicated above, please contact your local community college, adult education center, or Internet sites for additional training.

I am a learner who

  • Can problem-solve and work independently
  • Is comfortable in a class that involves a significant amount of independent
    reading, writing, viewing, and Internet research
  • Can typically complete homework and other assignments on time or before the due date
  • Is willing to set aside several hours per week to work regularly toward completion of the curriculum
  • Can share life, work, and educational experiences with an instructor
  • Is willing to take responsibility for my own learning
  • Will make succeeding in this training a priority in my busy life
  • Can attend the required face-to-face training
  • Can you progress sequentially through a curriculum
  • Can wait for instructor responses
  • Will contact my instructor when I feel overwhelmed with course work

I understand that some of the challenges I may face include

  • Having my server or system go off-line and not be able to communicate with the instructor or submit assignments
  • Not having an instructor by my side
  • Feedback is seldom immediate
  • It may be harder to get motivated to stay on top of assignments
  • Unexpected interruptions
  • At home, it may be hard to set time aside for class work

If you are confident that you have the skills and resources necessary for this course, you are ready to become a successful NCDA Facilitating Career Development Online Learner. 

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