TRUSTEE Constituency: Higher Education Career Counselors and Specialists (2020-23)

Diandra J. Prescod, PhD

Diandra J. Prescod is an Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator of School Counseling at the University of Connecticut. In her previous role, she spent five years as an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator of Career Counseling at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Prescod received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; her master’s in mental health counseling from Monmouth University; and her Ph.D. in counselor education from the University of Central Florida. Her research focuses on career development interventions for (a) STEM undergraduate students and (b) women/students of color in higher education. While at Penn State, Dr. Prescod created and directed the Academic Wellness and Career Consultations program which provides career counseling services to students in mechanical engineering. She also served on the Faculty Council, Faculty Senate, and Educational Equity Committee at Penn State. She is active in the field of counselor education, consistently publishing and presenting her work both nationally and internationally. Most recently, she co-authored the 2020 Article of the Year in NCDA’s Career Development Quarterly.

Dr. Prescod is currently serving as Secretary for the European Branch of the American Counseling Association. During Summer 2020, she worked as part of the leadership team for Kuder, Inc.’s Hope Central Project; an online resource to help companies and communities support furloughed and unemployed individuals due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Fall 2020, Dr. Prescod took part in creating the University of Connecticut’s first anti-Black racism course with her module entitled, “Race, Anti-Blackness, + STEM.”


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