Continuing Professional Development Options for Career Counselor Supervisors

by John P. Lombardo

I am one of those feisty old returning students, who after 20 years of professional service returned to graduate school to pursue the Ph.D. As I was researching my dissertation topic on career counselor supervision, I tried to focus on items that would be relevant and practical for professional practitioners. The only way I knew how to do that was to ask them directly. Not surprisingly, many of them were overworked, underbudgeted, underappreciated, and underprepared for their difficult work as supervisors/educators of career counselors. As I talked with several career counselor supervisors at university career centers or university counseling centers, all experienced supervisors with over five years of supervision experience, they all remarked at the lack of formal preparation or help that had been available to them as they became supervisors. They had sort of learned their way into their jobs, learned by trial and error,sink or swim. They had hard-won practical experience, were proud of what they had been able to accomplish, and they were still eager to learn about ways to become even better. Surprisingly, they did not seem to be aware of any forum for their professional concerns as supervisors, and they were all very much interested in options for continuing professional education that did not require the time and expense of a return to graduate school course work. Since I had taken recent graduate course work with supervised practicum in counselor supervision, and was active in the field, they asked me to put together a list of high quality options for them to consider.

Here is that annotated list of recent websites, books, video, CD-ROMs, and on-line courses for improving knowledge and skills in counselor supervision.

Relevant Websites

National Career Development Association (NCDA). (Of course this is listed first! Need I say more?)

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) and the ACES/NCDA Joint Commission for career development. This includes the On-Line or Distance Learning, and Taskforce Technology Interest Groups. Also there are educational events and materials through the Regional ACES divisions.


Bernard, J. M., & Goodyear, R. K. (2004). Fundamentals of clinical supervision (3rded.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education/Allyn and Bacon. ISBN 0-205-38873-6
(Note: Excellent update and practical reorganization of this well respected text.)

Fall, M., & Sutton, J. M. Jr. (2004). Clinical supervision: A handbook for practitioners.Boston, MA: Pearson Education/Allyn and Bacon ISBN 0-205-40851-6
(Note: These first two books are probably the best texts available, and can be ordered as a package with the handbook free: ISBN 0-205-41106-1. The handbook presents very practical situations and vignettes.)

Fallender, C. A., & Shafranske, E. P. (2004). Clinical supervision: A competency-based Approach. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN 1-59147-119-2
(Note: A practical, usable, approach.)

Ladany, N., Friedlander, M. L., & Nelson, M. L. (2005). Critical events in
psychotherapy supervision: An interpersonal approach
. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN 1-59147-206-7
(Note: Just released. Authors have done previous well-regarded, practical work.)

Video and CD-ROM

Borders, L. D., & Benshoff, J. M. (1999). Clinical supervision: Learning to think like a supervisor [Video recording and Guide booklet]. Produced by the Department of Counseling and Educational Development, University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Baltimore, M. L., & Crutchfield, L. B. (2003). Clinical supervision training: An interactive training program for the helping professions [CD-ROM and training manual]. Boston, MA: Allyn andBacon.

Russell-Chapin, L. A., & Sherman, N. (2000). Microcounseling supervision: An
interactive approach to teaching microcounseling skills
[CD-ROM and guide booklet; also available as video recording, 2001]. North Amherst, MA: Microtraining Associates.

(Note: These resources and others are available at Marquette University Library, and are available within other university and inter-library loan systems.)

On-Line (Streaming Video Courses)

American Counseling Association {ACA} webpage for Earning Continuing Ed Credits Online
Campbell, J. M. (2004). Becoming an effective supervisor [Streaming Video/Internet course plus workbook]. 5-hour course, $125. Associated Workbook, same title,about $30. Certified for CEUs.

Also, Internet course: Cybercounseling: Going the distance for your clients. 3-hour Internet course, about $75. Certified for CEUs.

Workshops and Seminars (As Available)

ACES and regional divisions websites

Center on Education and Work , University of Wisconsin-Madison website
Distance Learning offerings from Northwestern University, University of North Florida, and other major universities.

This list is very brief, and the information changes by the moment. Nevertheless, it has been reviewed with care and appreciation for all of those who work for life-career development of all people. I hope that this list can offer some practical options to our very busy and very important career counselor supervisors.

John P. Lombardo, M.A. can be contacted at:
LifeWork Planning, 7114 N Crossway Rd, Fox Point WI 53217-3848
(414) 351-8490

Email: jlombardo2@wi.rr.com or John.Lombardo@Marquette.edu

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