Each One Reach One

by Spencer Niles

Reaching out is what constitutes the nature of the interaction between a counselor and a client. The essence of this interaction is a relationship. In the summer issue of Career Developments, I shared my vision for our organization as we celebrate its 90th year as the premier association of practitioners and scholars that advances the implementation and quality of career services across the lifespan.

One important organizational goal that directly supports our efforts to promote career development is our need to recruit, retain, and involve a diverse membership, including developing emerging leaders for our association. Most of us can reflect on our initial involvement in NCDA and identify a person who was influential in our decision to become involved. Many of us choose to continue our involvement in large part due to the relationships we have developed with other NCDA members. Thus, recruiting and retaining members is a relationship-oriented goal.

To support this goal, I invite you to participate in a new initiative for our association and encourage each of you to make a personal commitment to this important campaign. Very simply stated the initiative is EACH ONE REACH ONE. If each current member makes a personal commitment to view the many "Each Reach Options" that are listed on the Each One Reach One web page and then selects and implements at least one option, our association will gain in multiple ways. YOU will have made a significant contribution!

EACH ONE REACH ONE is meant to be more than a catchy-sounding slogan. It is an initiative with several carefully integrated components, each designed to support the life-blood of NCDA--current members and potential national and international members. For example, if each current member makes a personal commitment to reach out to a colleague and encourage that colleague to join NCDA, we can enjoy a 100% increase in membership! Those of you who teach in graduate programs have constant access to many potential student members. New members translate into new ideas, new energy, and new opportunities for NCDA to succeed in its mission. At another level, I am inviting each of you to reach out to your colleagues and encourage them to attend our conference in San Francisco where the theme will be "Celebrating the Spirit in Career Development: Advancing Career Interventions in the Next Decade." Additionally, I am inviting those of you who plan to submit program proposals to consider reaching out to another member, perhaps a first year member or graduate student, and encourage their collaboration. These are only a few examples. There will be many easy-to-commit-to "Each Reach Options" listed for your consideration. The key is to select ONE and act on it.

I am asking each of you to contact me personally by registering on-line through the NCDA EACH ONE REACH ONE web page or calling toll free to the NCDA Executive Offices at 1-888-FOR-NCDA (367-6232). You will discover many "Each Reach Options". Select ONE choice (more if you are able) and register your personal choice. Then contact me again through the Each Reach web page after you have fulfilled your personal choice so I am able to categorize all the various results and provide a summary report of the EACH ONE REACH ONE campaign at our national conference.

Remember, EACH ONE REACH ONE is relationship-oriented and totally dependant on YOU and your active participation. Please join with me and log on or call to register your personal commitment. Your effort will make a difference to NCDA, and you will contribute to this premier association in ways that will be far reaching. I personally thank you in advance for your involvement with this exciting initiative.

If you have any questions or ideas for new "Each Reach Options", please feel free to contact Ed Colozzi, Membership Committee Chair. His contact information is:
Edward A. Colozzi, Ed.D., Career Development and Counseling Services,165 Washington Street, Winchester, MA 01890, (781) 721-1200, e-mail: edlinda@world.std.com

Very Sincerely,

Spencer Niles
President NCDA 2003/04
Email: sgn3@psu.edu

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